Sunday, June 13, 2010

city growing

Our friend Molly recently bought a house with a lengthy backyard and decided to farm it! After many hours of sod busting, hauling dirt, tilling, and planting she has an amazing farm in her backyard, Erie's Edge. I was astonished at the size of her tomato plants when we visited yesterday- so big. Not to mention her favas, insane amount of onions and black radishes that are coming in so well.

 Erin is growing beans in one of the two vacant lots next door to Molly's. Molly brokered a deal with the owner to rent the land from him. Haling from two years of farming in NC, Erin is only growing dry beans and she will undoubtedly fill the gap in the local dry beans we are able to get here.  As of now her plot looks like art:

Things are looking lush on our farm. I pulled two of the biggest beets (first of the season) today. We have scapes coming out of our ears and it seems like we are constantly battling perslane but things are growing strong.

Check out that garlic!

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    Make THAT the new hot item at the farmer's market. get those recipe cards out.